Our mouths are simply meant for the purposes of removing voice,eating or even drinking. What we are not aware of , is the power the voice has.

It is clear in the Bible that Joshua led the Israelites round the walls of Jericho while they produced sound which brought down the big walls

Ezekiel was told to prophesy to the bones which later became a strong army.God had the power to just command the bones to become alive and with flesh  but He wanted to show how mighty the prophesy from the mouth is.

No matter the situation you are in, just prophesy positively towards your success and watch God work.The bones were a symbol of emptiness but after the prophesy from Ezekiel’s mouth, the emptiness was no longer there.

The mouth should work hand in hand with God’s voice.Ezekiel made the prophesies as God instructed.

Success starts from the mouth of the person.What comes out must be backed with faith and believe for changes to be seen.

The voice has power.It is by it that we make communications even to God.Some fellows said that tears are a voice that God understands.

True Christians ensure their voice is the peaceful kind like that of the tax collector.The voice that is humbled to the Master




A mobile phone is very familiarized to us.We know clearly of its functioning.It must have a charged battery for it to function.

In the same way we do treat these phones is the same way we should treat our Christian faith.We have three different types of phone batteries:

  • The uncharged battery
  • The spoilt battery
  • The fully charged battery

The uncharged battery

We know that a phone at its 0% state is useless and very useless indeed.Christians who do not charge their faith by reading and meditating the word of God.They are useless in both the spirit world and the physical.It might be their achievement in the world is great but yet they have not reached or even discovered their purpose.In real sense they are living a dead life like the phone with the dead battery

The spoilt battery

This is the kind of battery that after recieving current for about 10 minutes it’s already at a 100% but after using to about 50% it goes off.This is the kind of Christians who read the Bible without meditating on it.They get the word which changes them fast but after exposure to the worldly things the word is forgotten.Just like the phone goes off,the word goes off in them leading to a decrease in the Christian’s faith.

The fully charged battery

This is the Christian who charges his or her faith with the word of God oftenly.This Christian is strong spiritually leading to strength on the outside.We should all aspire to be fully charged.

the devil does not waste his time going for the uncharged or the Christians with spoilt batteries but he does his best to bring the fully charged down.

If your life has been perfect without any challenges from the beginning then know you need to charge you faith because the devil only fights those who have strong faith

Be blessed